CPI(M) Protest Against Attack on Party Office in Tirunelveli

CPI(M), protest, caste violence, Tirunelveli attack

CPI(M) protests caste violence.

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Members of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) staged a robust protest near Arapalayam, strongly denouncing a recent attack on their party office in Tirunelveli. The cadre labeled the assault as a brazen act of caste-motivated violence and demanded strict repercussions for those responsible. They emphasized the need for safeguarding inter-caste couples who defy familial opposition, calling for police protection to ensure their safety and rights.

Led by CPI(M) district secretary M. Ganesan, the protest underscored broader concerns about caste-based discrimination and violence prevalent in society. The demonstrators asserted that perpetrators of such attacks should face severe legal consequences to deter future incidents. Their call for justice resonated with calls for societal inclusivity and protection of individual freedoms against regressive social norms.

The CPI(M) cadre’s mobilization near Arapalayam served as a poignant reminder of ongoing struggles against casteism and the party’s commitment to advocating for social justice and equality. Their efforts aimed to raise awareness and prompt action from authorities to uphold the rights of marginalized communities and individuals challenging societal prejudices.

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