Railway cop fired 12 rounds with assault rifle, killed his senior, 3 passengers

Railway cop fired 12 rounds with assault rifle, killed his senior, 3 passengers

Railway cop fired 12 rounds with assault rifle, killed his senior, 3 passengers

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A Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable shot and killed three passengers and a senior officer on board a Mumbai-bound train on Monday. Here’s how he carried out his attack and what happened afterwards.

A Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable opened fire on the Jaipur-Mumbai Central Superfast Express on Monday, resulting in the death of a senior officer and three passengers.

According to officials, Constable Chetan Kumar shot and killed his escort duty in-charge ASI Tika Ram Meena in the running train. He then went to another coach and shot dead three passengers.

The accused then tried to flee the scene before being arrested by Government Railway Police (GRP) officers.

Here’s how the deadly attack unfolded and the aftermath:

  • The incident occurred around 2:50 AM when the Jaipur-Mumbai Central Superfast Express was near Palghar railway station. Chetan Kumar, along with two other constables and Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Tikaram, was responsible for escorting the train. The group was heading towards Mumbai Central to complete their assignment.
  • According to RPF sources, it is standard practice to assign senior officers and a team of constables to escort express trains for security reasons. Chetan Kumar was part of an escort team that traveled with a train until Surat railway station, where they rested for a few hours before resuming their duties.
  • As the train passed Palghar railway station, Chetan Kumar unexpectedly began firing his automatic weapon, an AKM (modified version of AK-47). He fired 12 rounds, resulting in the death of ASI Tikaram and three passengers.
  • The precise motive behind this act of violence remains under investigation, but initial reports suggest that Chetan Kumar may have been suffering from mental distress and had grievances, possibly related to harassment.
  • After his rampage, the accused pulled the emergency chain shortly after the train left Virar station. The train came to a halt at Mira Road station, and Chetan attempted to flee, but the alertness of fellow officers ensured his capture before he could escape.
  • Authorities later took the train and the bodies of the deceased to Borivali railway station, where a nearby government hospital facilitated the post-mortem examinations.
  • Originally from Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, Chetan Kumar had previously been posted in Gujarat. He was assigned to Mumbai recently.

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