Tragic Surge: Fifth Elephant Electrocution in a Month Sparks Outcry, Activists Urge Immediate Government Action


This is the fifth case of elephant death due to electrocution in this month

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In a distressing turn of events, another male elephant has fallen victim to electrocution, marking the fifth such incident in just one month in Tamil Nadu. The tragic event unfolded on private land in Poochiyur, Coimbatore district, reigniting concerns about the safety of the state’s elephant population.

The latest fatality occurred a mere two days after the Madras High Court summoned the principal chief conservator of forests and TANGEDCO chairman to explain the recent electrocution of four elephants in Dharmapuri district. The alarming frequency of such incidents has now claimed the life of another elephant in Coimbatore, prompting animal activists and political leaders to demand urgent government intervention.

Disturbing images from the scene depict the lifeless body of the elephant lying on the ground, a poignant symbol of the escalating threat faced by these majestic creatures. The cause of death is attributed to electrocution, with an electric pole seen resting on top of the fallen animal.

Animal activists, alongside concerned political figures, are rallying to push for immediate action to prevent further tragedies and safeguard the state’s elephant population. The growing number of incidents underscores the pressing need for stricter regulations and enhanced enforcement of existing laws aimed at protecting these magnificent creatures from harm.

As activists raise their voices, the call for governmental accountability gains momentum, emphasizing the urgency of implementing comprehensive measures to mitigate the escalating risk faced by elephants in Tamil Nadu. The recurring tragedies serve as a stark reminder that swift and decisive action is imperative to ensure the preservation of these iconic and endangered animals.

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