Airbus Achieves Record-Breaking 2,094 Net Plane Orders in 2023, Surpassing Delivery Targets

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Airbus Sets Record: 2,094 Net Orders in 2023

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European aircraft manufacturer Airbus celebrated a historic milestone as it secured an unprecedented 2,094 net plane orders in 2023, marking a new record for the company. Despite persistent supply chain challenges, Airbus successfully delivered 735 jets to clients, surpassing its initial target of 720 deliveries.

The remarkable surge in new orders shattered Airbus’s previous record set in 2013, with 1,503 planes, highlighting the enduring success of its A320 family for shorter flights and the A350 for long-haul routes.

Contrary to initial recovery expectations post the Covid-19 pandemic, Airbus experienced a robust rebound in 2023, particularly in the single-aisle market and widebody segment. Major contracts were secured with leading airlines, including India’s IndiGo, which placed the largest civil aviation order in history for 500 A320s. Additional substantial orders came from Air India (250 planes) and Turkish Airlines (230 planes).

Christian Scherer, Airbus Commercial Chief, noted, “We have never sold as many A320s or A350s in any given year… Travel is back, and there is serious momentum.”

Airbus concluded the year with an order backlog of 8,598 aircraft, demonstrating sustained demand for its aircraft. Looking ahead, Airbus has initiated the development of a successor to the A320 family for the second half of the 2030s and aims to launch a hydrogen-powered plane with zero CO2 emissions by 2035.

In comparison, Airbus’s achievement outshone its US counterpart Boeing, which reported a rise in net orders to 1,314 aircraft in the same period, primarily for the 737 MAX and long-haul 787s. The aviation industry’s resurgence reflects a positive outlook for global passenger growth and a growing preference for fuel-efficient aircraft.

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