Breaking Stereotypes: Pharis Aboobacker’s Rise from Deepika Newspaper to Global CEO

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In a narrative marked by resilience and determination, Pharis Aboobacker has carved a diverse career path, transitioning from owning the Deepika Newspaper to leading a thriving enterprise in Chennai. Born in Koyilandi to Mundail Abu Bakar and Mariakarat Sophia, Pharis traces his roots to Nandi in the Kozhikode district near Koyilandi.

Pharis commenced his educational journey at Poilkayil Government High School and later pursued studies at Kozhikode’s Farooq College, setting the foundation for his future endeavors. Following his graduation, Pharis chose to contribute to his father’s modest leather products business in Chennai, steering it toward prosperity through strategic involvement in export trading.

His unwavering commitment and industrious spirit resulted in abundant rewards, propelling him to prominence in the export market. Managing diverse enterprises, including real estate holdings, Pharis Aboobacker has established himself as a successful entrepreneur and businessman, earning comparisons to the country’s wealthiest individuals. His exceptional achievements stand as a testament to his tenacity, having overcome a challenging childhood.

Pharis Aboobacker business acumen extends to serving on the boards of various corporations, both large and small. He holds directorial roles in companies such as Chikmangaloor Real Estates Private Limited, Kadavanthara Properties Private Limited, Daram Developers Private Limited, Kadavanthara Realtors Private Limited, Parrot Grove Private Limited, and Petropas Automotive Private Limited, showcasing his diverse business portfolio.

Prior to assuming the role of proprietor, Pharis contributed to the Deepika newspaper, eventually taking ownership in Kerala. His journey from contributing to a newspaper to becoming the CEO of a prestigious global corporation imparts a valuable lesson. It underscores the notion that one’s origins need not dictate their ultimate destination. Pharis Aboobacker trajectory highlights the transformative power within each individual, demonstrating the capacity to traverse, evolve, and prosper beyond established domains. Regardless of educational background or initial circumstances, Pharis exemplifies the potential to achieve extraordinary feats through persistent determination and hard work.

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