Alia Bhatt Reacts Awkwardly to ‘Global Icon’ Tag at Poacher Trailer Launch

Alia Bhatt at the Poacher trailer launch in Mumbai on February 15.

Alia Bhatt at the Poacher trailer launch in Mumbai on February 15.

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Alia Bhatt, known for her humility, found herself in an awkward moment during the trailer launch of Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming original web-series, Poacher. The actor, hailed as an executive producer on the show, was referred to as a ‘global icon,’ prompting a blush-filled response from the star.

The trailer launch, held in Mumbai earlier this week, showcased Alia Bhatt’s involvement in the project helmed by International Emmy Award winner Richie Mehta, acclaimed for Netflix’s Delhi Crime.

Reflecting on her journey with the show, Alia shared anecdotes of her initial meetings with Richie Mehta, even joking about being “heavily pregnant” with ideas when discussing the series.

However, a viral video captured the moment of Alia’s discomfort as the host showered accolades upon her, labeling her as an “actor par excellence, producer, global icon, and executive producer.” Alia’s response, a blend of bashfulness and humor, included remarks like “Please, don’t” and “I’m gonna walk off stage.”

Fans took to social media to praise Alia’s down-to-earth demeanor, flooding platforms with messages of admiration for the Gully Boy actor.

In her role as executive producer, Alia expressed her pride in contributing to Poacher, emphasizing the show’s powerful narrative on animal poaching and illegal wildlife trade. She lauded Richie Mehta’s storytelling and highlighted the urgency of wildlife preservation.

Poacher, featuring a stellar cast including Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Kani Kusruti, Ranjitha Menon, and Maala Parvathi, is set to stream on Amazon Prime Video from February 23.

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