Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s Innovative Pre-Wedding Invitations Set the Trend for ‘Moodboards

Anant Ambani, Radhika Merchant,

Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani's pre-wedding festivities will be held in Jamnagar.

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In the world of Ambanis, every event is not just an occasion but a trendsetter. Be it Zendaya and Tom Holland gracing the red carpet or Gigi Hadid dancing with Varun Dhawan at the NMACC launch, each update captures the headlines. The latest trend initiated by Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding celebrations is the introduction of ‘moodboards,’ formerly associated with ad firms and film schools but now a buzzword, thanks to the unique invitations sent out by the Ambani family last week.

The three-day extravaganza, set to commence on March 1 at the expansive Reliance Greens Complex in Jamnagar, is adorned with personalized invitations. These invitations not only provide details of the planned functions but also include dress codes and a reference lookbook, setting a new precedent.

A simple Google search reveals that a moodboard, also known as an inspiration board, is a compilation of images and objects curated to represent a specific visual style. Whether in physical or digital form, these boards typically feature various images pasted or pinned together. In the realm of fashion, moodboards may include magazine clippings, photoshoot images, fabric swatches, or jewelry pieces. They serve the purpose of personal use or presenting ideas that demand a showcase of creative imagination.

How are moodboards created?

Creating a moodboard involves using a page, poster, board, or foam to attach or pin photos and cuttings that align with the desired image or mood. For individuals planning their look or organizing an event, this process allows them to compile suitable images, cut them out, and design the final look. The completed moodboard acts as a reference, aiding in finalizing the outcome while keeping the initial vision intact.

What role do wedding moodboards play?

In the case of the Ambani-Merchant wedding, the hospitality team has ingeniously crafted reference looks for each of the three-day festivities. The first day, themed ‘An Evening in Everland,’ encourages guests to don ‘Elegant Cocktail’ attire. On the second day, guests are invited for ‘A Walk on the Wildside,’ with a jungle theme and corresponding dress code.

The evening of day two transforms into ‘Mela Rouge,’ where guests are recommended to dress in the ‘Dazzling Desi Romance’ theme. The final day involves ‘Casual Chic’ outfits for the morning event, ‘Tusker Trails,’ while the evening celebration during the ‘Hastakshar’ function revolves around the ‘Heritage India’ theme.

Notable users of moodboards

The concept of moodboards is not entirely new, as Hollywood star Kim Kardashian previously made headlines for employing them. During the launch of her skincare brand SKKN, Kim shared images of her office moodboards, showcasing stone sculptures and abstract pieces that likely served as inspiration for her product packaging.

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