Tirunelveli District Overcomes Flood Challenges to Excel in 12th Class Exams

Tirunelveli district, floods, 12th class exams, Thamirabarani River

Floods and Triumph

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Amidst the aftermath of devastating floods last December, Tirunelveli district emerges as a beacon of resilience and determination, achieving remarkable success in the 12th class public examination.

Last year, the district grappled with severe rainfall, triggering widespread flooding exacerbated by dam releases from Tirunelveli, Papanasam, and Manimuthar. Communities along the Thamirabarani River, including Kokkirakulam and Vannarappettai, bore the brunt of the deluge, with thousands of homes submerged and essential documents lost.

Calls for exam postponements echoed amidst concerns over disrupted education. However, defying the odds, the recent release of exam results astonished many. Hari Rama, assistant to the primary education officer, lauded the district’s resilience, citing concerted efforts to mitigate flood impacts.

A team led by School Education Secretary Kumaraguruparan undertook a swift rescue operation, ensuring the recovery of flooded buildings within 20 days. Prioritizing student welfare, books were swiftly distributed, and teachers were urged to maintain exam integrity.

The district’s resilience bore fruit as Tirunelveli secured 8th place statewide and clinched the top spot in South Tamil Nadu for 12th class pass percentage. Despite adversity, Tirunelveli’s triumph underscores the power of perseverance and collective resolve in the face of adversity.

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