How Did the Raiders Converge at the Birthday Party?| Sarvesh Raj, IPS Team

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Binu Pappachan surrendered to the City Police at the office of Ambattur Deputy Commissioner, Sarvesh Raj around 9 am on Tuesday. Almost a week after police interrupted his birthday party, arresting 75 rowdies gathered at a lorry shed on the outskirts of Chennai, Binu released an 82-second video pleading for forgiveness. Born and raised in Choolaimedu, the 50-year-old, who claims to be diabetic, expressed his desire to distance himself from his rowdy past. He revealed that he had been living incognito in Karur for the past three years and returned to Chennai to celebrate his 50th birthday at the invitation of his younger brother. Shocked by the gathering upon his arrival, Binu attempted to flee but ultimately surrendered to the police. The celebrations, attended by prominent gangsters, concluded with a police crackdown, resulting in multiple arrests and the confiscation of vehicles and mobile phones.

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