High fare collection in Nellie government bus.! The conductor threatened the passengers like a rowdy.!!

High fare collection in Nellie government bus.! The conductor threatened the passengers like a rowdy.!!

High fare collection in Nellie government bus.! The conductor threatened the passengers like a rowdy.!!

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The incident of Avala charging a ticket of 15 rupees to the court in a government bus going to Tiruchendur has caused a great shock.

Some passengers from Nanguneri have traveled in a government bus from Tirunelveli District New Bus Station to Tiruchendur. They have gone to Nellie District Court for consumer litigation. At that time, the bus conductor unusually gave a 15-rupee travel ticket to the passengers.

Why are you giving 15 rupees travel ticket instead of 10 rupees travel ticket to the passengers who are shocked to see the extra charge ? They have raised the question. Apart from that, the passengers have asked the conductor for the fare list details. To which he said, we are seniors, we don’t need all that, we will deal with it.

However, when the passengers come to know that the conductor is not wearing proper uniform and is charging extra, what is his name? What is the badge number? They have been asking questions continuously. The conductor suddenly got irritated and stopped the bus in the middle of the road by blowing his whistle near the Kulavanikarpuram railway gate. As fellow passengers condemned it, the bus continued to leave from there.

A heated argument
Now that conductor, no matter how many buses go, will you come here to fuss? who are you Asking for my badge number? It is said that he chased away the passengers like a rowdy. And he raged, “We only charged 10 rupees during the Corona period, if you don’t like it, don’t bother us.”

Then passengers, why are you asking five rupees more? Why should we give up our money? Will you come to court and say this? The argument goes on and on. The incident was recorded by fellow passengers on the bus and spread on social media.

Confused conductor
due to continuous argument, the conductor who asked passengers 15 rupees earlier, then gave a ticket of 10 rupees. Do you always give 10 rupees travel ticket instead of passengers? If so, are all the other people who bought a 15 rupees ticket a fool? As they asked the question, they were whitewashed.

He has also collected a ticket of 15 rupees from some passengers going to the court. The funny thing is that a consumer court judge, who came to the court in the same bus, asked for a ticket to the court while quietly watching what was going on. In Leyparam there, the confused conductor gave a ticket for 16 rupees after receiving 10 rupees from the judge.

Judge warning
After getting off the bus and walking to the court, the judge asked the bus conductor about the details of the passengers who were involved in the argument. It was then that when he checked the ticket given to him by the government bus operator, it was revealed that the ticket given to the judge was Rs 16.

Following this, the judge warned the government transport corporation’s lawyer and employees who came to the court regarding the consumer case to tell the transport corporation authorities to pay due attention to the poor performance of the conductors by telling them what they had seen.

Demand for action
Several incidents like these are revealing daily that the operation of government buses and the activities of the employees in the Nellai Mandal Government Transport Corporation have been generally unsatisfactory for several months.

It also shows that there is a huge amount of malpractice in the collection of fares in government buses. The only people affected by this are the public. Therefore, there have been demands to take strict action against the officers and employees of the State Transport Corporation who do not pay proper attention to the work in the Nellai Mandal Government Transport Corporation.

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