Nellie: Cancellation of women’s rights? Nayanar Nagendran threw the bomb.

Nellie: Cancellation of women's rights? Nayanar Nagendran threw the bomb.

Nellie: Cancellation of women's rights? Nayanar Nagendran threw the bomb.

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BJP Tirunelveli Assembly Member Nayanar Nagendran paid respects to his statue at Palayamgottai on the occasion of his 266th death anniversary. After that, he gave an interview accusing the ruling government of unfulfilled promises.

Mahaveeran Kagumuthukone Memorial Day
Freedom fighter Kagumuthukone’s 266th death anniversary was observed today. For that, the Bharatiya Janata Party paid respect to his statue at Palayankottai.

Tirunelveli BJP MLA Nayanar Nagendran visited with his supporters and paid respects to the statue of Agummuthukon Thiruvuruva. After that he spoke to the media.

BJP wants to close all Tasmac shops
He said that it is not important that the revenue of the government is reduced due to the closure of liquor shops. The number of bars should be further reduced and the opening hours should also be reduced. The DMK’s election manifesto during the pre-election period stated that total alcohol prohibition will be introduced in Tamil Nadu.

But now they have cut down 500 Tasmac shops after various poisoned liquor deaths. The Bharatiya Janata Party wants to take over all Tasmac shops across Tamil Nadu. The Governor has his work cut out for him.

General Civil Law
Chief Minister is doing his job. It is not right to expect the governor not to do any work. There is a way to write a letter if you say you don’t want to and don’t agree.

There is no disparaging word on the Governor’s performance.

Everyone should have general civil law. Common civil law is a must for the country and the current law is wrong whoever wrote it. People can meet the Chief Minister anytime regarding the problem, if he gives time, we will meet.

Dissolution of government
No one said that we will dissolve the government, there is no need for the chief minister to use the word that it is okay to dissolve the government. Everyone in the country knows the problem of Senthil Balaji.

There is a lot of stress on the police and officers. If the DIG commits suicide then it is not proper procedure. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu should intervene and take immediate action to give full authority to the police and act independently.

They said that women’s rights will be given from the first day of coming to power. But did not give. It has been four months since Anna was born. They have announced considering the parliamentary elections.

There is a possibility that women’s rights will be canceled after the parliamentary elections. Annamalai fans are quick to call him the future Chief Minister and there is no mistake in that, he said.

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