Mumbai Man Finds Baby Rat In Chicken Curry, Hotel Gives “Vague Answers”

Mumbai Man Finds Baby Rat In Chicken Curry, Hotel Gives "Vague Answers"

One of the men also shared images showing a baby rat covered in a gravy.

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According to the police, on Sunday night, Anurag Singh and his friend Amin went to eat at the eatery in Mumbai’s Bandra that serves Punjabi food.

A chicken curry dinner turned out to be horrifying for a customer at a Mumbai restaurant who bit into meat that he later discovered was a rat.

The manager and chef of the restaurant have been charged, the police said on Wednesday.

Anurag Singh and his friend Amin went to the eatery in Bandra, which serves Punjabi food, on Sunday night.

They ordered two dishes – one mutton and one chicken-based curry.

When the food arrived, Mr Singh began eating the chicken curry, noticing nothing out of the ordinary. But after chewing into a piece of the meat in the curry, he suspected it was not chicken. On closer inspection, he realised that it was a dead rat.

The two men, queasy and outraged, complained to the hotel manager. The manager “gave vague answers”, Mr Singh alleged in his complaint to the police.

He also complained that he felt sick soon after and had to visit a doctor.

Mr Singh then approached the police who registered a case against the hotel’s chef, manager and the chicken supplier.

They were charged with offences like adulteration of food and endangering life or personal safety of others, the police said.

In a similar incident last month, a Twitter user had claimed that he found a dead rat in a dish served at a famous restaurant in Punjab’s Ludhiana. A video showing a dead rat covered in gravy went viral on social media. However, the restaurant denied the video accusing the customer of defaming the establishment.

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