Forest Department Captures Roaming Panther Near Papanasam


Panther Captured Near Papanasam

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In a successful operation, Forest Department personnel captured a panther that had been roaming villages near Papanasam, preying on local livestock. The big cat had targeted dogs, goats, and calves in Anavankudiyiruppu, Tana, and Vembaiahpuram, prompting concerned residents to report the incidents.

Responding to the complaints, forest officials, accompanied by sniffer dogs, investigated the area and confirmed the panther’s attacks on domesticated animals. Given the history of stray panthers being captured in Vembaiahpuram, the officials strategically placed a baited cage there. Another cage was set up in Anavankudiyiruppu following an inspection by Ilaiyaraja, the Deputy Director of the Ambasamudram Division of the Kalakkad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve.

On Saturday, the panther was successfully trapped in Vembaiahpuram. The captured animal was then safely relocated to the Western Ghats and released into its natural habitat. However, officials suspect another panther may still be roaming around Anavankudiyiruppu. They continue to monitor the baited cage in hopes of capturing the second big cat.

This proactive effort by the Forest Department highlights their commitment to resolving human-wildlife conflicts and ensuring the safety of both the villagers and the wildlife.

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