Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth!!!! Kathir from Rohini College of engineering shares his experience and achievement with us.

Top Engineering College in Kanyakumari

Best Engineering Colleges in Kanyakumari

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Today we have Kathir to talk with us more about how and what he has accomplished with the help of Rohini College of engineering in Kanyakumari.

Top Engineering College in Kanyakumari
Best Engineering Colleges in Kanyakumari

How do you feel being part of Rohini college of Engineering?

I am extremely delightful as I was a part of Rohini College, and my learning was truly valuable. The support from all the lecturers and staff was immeasurable. They guided me to work on my weakness and helped to strengthen my positives. I am thankful for the industry exposure and the internship and placement opportunities provided to me. I feel I am blessed with rich experienced Professors. Great support from Management in every situation. They provided good orientation towards the market opportunities available in job market in different sectors. With this kind of support, I became of what I am today, and I am successful in my industry.

What makes Rohini College different from others?

Rohini College is one stop solution for Gen Next Engineers. It transformed me into a professional from a student. Four years is a very short time to learn everything that Rohini College teaches you. Support from my lecturers and love from my friends made it even more special.

How was your journey with Rohini College?

It had been a great journey with Rohini College, and it gave me a platform to understand my strengths and harness it to my potential. The teach team also pointed out my areas of improvements gave ample opportunities to convert it to my strengths. Huge thanks to the team of Rohini College for being supportive to me and to help me achieve my dreams.

How was your college life in Rohini College?

It was nice to be a student at Rohini College. I must say, days at Rohini college of Engineering were best days of my life. Apart from academic, I had a great industry exposure. We went on a lot of industrial visits. It was great experience to visit these companies and knowing actual industry work. These visits helped me a lot to connect me with the actual work. Teams at Rohini College were always helpful to me in building my career. I really want to thank all members of Rohini College.

Overall it was an amazing journey and I am glad I choose Rohini College of engineering while I was an engineering aspirant. Thanks lot for the whole team at Rohini College of Engineering and Technology, Kanyakumari.

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