Google Messages Unveils Photomoji Feature: Personalized Emoji Reactions Redefine Messaging

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In a groundbreaking move to enhance user expression in messaging, Google’s Messages app introduces Photomoji, a unique feature allowing users to craft custom emoji reactions using their personal images. Initially available to beta testers, Photomoji is set for a wider rollout in the upcoming weeks, promising a new level of personalization in digital communication.

In its recent app update, Google Messages has unveiled Photomoji, a revolutionary feature poised to revolutionize the way users convey emotions through messaging. Initially exclusive to beta testers, Photomoji is slated for a broader release to all users in the coming weeks.

What is Photomoji?

Photomoji in Google Messages empowers users to create and share personalized emoji reactions using their own images. This innovative feature enables individuals to snap a photo of their facial expressions, beloved pets, or objects symbolizing their reaction to a message. Photomoji goes beyond conventional emojis, allowing users to infuse their messages with a personal and intimate touch.

By utilizing real-life images, Photomoji provides a unique way to accurately capture and convey emotions that standard emojis may fall short of expressing.

To familiarize users with this exciting feature, Google emphasizes that Photomoji is currently functional only in RCS chats. Users can create and maintain up to 30 Photomoji at a time, managing them in the dedicated “Photomoji” section within the app. While the feature is gradually being rolled out to all users, those eager to explore it sooner can check for availability by updating their Google Messages app or joining the beta testing program.

How to Use Photomoji:

  1. Open Google Messages: Launch the app on your smartphone.
  2. Start a Conversation: Tap on an existing conversation or initiate a new one.
  3. Creating Photomoji:
    • From Emoji Picker:
      • Tap the emoji icon in the typing area.
      • Press the “+” button next to the emojis.
      • Choose “Create” and select a photo from your gallery or take a new one.
      • Crop the photo if necessary and tap “Done” to save your Photomoji.
    • Method 2 – From Reaction Bar:
      • Long-press on a message in the conversation.
      • This will reveal an emoji bar; scroll to the end and tap the “+” icon.
      • Tap “Create” and follow the same steps as above to choose and create your Photomoji.
  4. Sending Photomoji:
    • After creating your Photomoji, open the chat where you want to send it.
    • Tap the emoji icon in the typing area.
    • Go to the “Photomoji” tab.
    • Select the Photomoji you want to send. Your Photomoji will be sent as a small image along with your message.

Recipient’s View:

  • The recipient will receive the Photomoji as a small image attached to the message.
  • They can tap on the image to view the full photo and the emoji preview.

Photomoji offers a delightful way to add a personal touch to messages, using your own photos as emojis to make your chats more enjoyable and expressive.

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