Major Derailment Disrupts Rail Services in Tamil Nadu: 8 Coaches of Goods Train Topple Near Chengalpattu


The incident resulted in damage to the railway tracks as the metal goods toppled during the derailment.

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In a significant railway incident, eight coaches of a goods train travelling from Villupuram to Tondairpet derailed near Chengalpattu in Tamil Nadu, causing disruptions in rail services. The incident occurred during the journey that originated from Chengalpattu, and the train was loaded with iron ore, metal sheets, and iron rods.

The derailment resulted in damage to the railway tracks as a portion of the cargo, including iron ore, toppled during the incident. A prompt response was initiated, with railway repair teams deployed from Chengalpattu and Villupuram to the site. Their immediate focus was on clearing the tracks to minimize delays for other train services in the region.

The goods train, comprising a total of 38 coaches, faced the derailment issue with eight of them affected. Authorities are set to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause behind the derailment.

This unfortunate incident follows a recent occurrence in October when four empty coaches of an Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) derailed near suburban Avadi in Chennai. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in that incident. The EMU incident took place as the train departed from Ananur shed and derailed near Hindu College station, having bypassed the Avadi station without stopping on its way to Beach station.

As rail authorities work diligently to address the aftermath of the Chengalpattu incident, commuters are advised to stay updated on any service disruptions and alternative arrangements. The safety and efficiency of railway operations are under scrutiny as investigations into the cause of the derailment are set to unfold.

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