Sudden twist in Tenkasi teenager’s murder case – Shocking background

Sudden twist in Tenkasi teenager's murder case - Shocking background

Pachiyammal was arrested in the case of murder

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A woman who killed a college student named Matasamy along with her family in Ilattur area of ​​Tenkasi and covered it in a septic tank. In Coimbatore, Lattur police arrested Pachiyammal was arrested in the case of murder.

The skeleton inside the septic tank belonged to Narayanan, who lived in Ilattur area of Tenkasi district. Maintenance work was carried out at his house last Sunday. A skeleton was found inside the septic tank of his house.

Subsequently, the Lattur police registered a case regarding this incident and investigated who was the person recovered as a skeleton and who killed him and put him in the septic tank.

The case was pending in the Ilattur police station and they were investigating whether there are any persons who have been missing for a long time in the Ilattur area. Then it was revealed that a college student named Madhu alias Matasamy from Ilattur area had gone missing for the past 7 months and a related case was pending in Ilattur Police Station and Madurai High Court.

An inquiry into the skeleton
Immediately after that, the DNA taken from the found skeleton and the DNA taken from relatives of the missing college student Madhu were matched. They also inquired from the neighbors near Madhu’s house about how Madhu was killed and who buried him in the cetic tank.

Since the day Madhu went missing with her family, 3 people from the area have gone to Coimbatore with their family for work. Neighbors have widely spoken that there is a possibility that they are connected in this incident.

Following this, the Ilattur police immediately rushed to Coimbatore and brought the three including Mariammal, Pachiyammal and her brother who were in Coimbatore with their family and conducted an investigation. Then various startling information came out.

An affair blossomed between Matasamy (A) Madhu, a college student at the time who took a video of his loneliness, and Pachiyammal, who was married opposite Madhu’s house in the same area. In this case, both have met in private from time to time. In this case, when both of them were alone, Madhu took a video of their loneliness on his cell phone and threatened Pachiyamma with it.

Pachiyammal decided to settle Madhu and at one point Madhu’s trouble increased and Pachiyammal told his mother Mariammal about this incident. And after she said that her life would be ruined if she told her husband about this matter, both of them planned and decided to kill Madhu.

Pachiyammal said the words of desire and then Pachiyammal invited Madhu to meet her in private. At that time, Pachiyammal showed Madhu a pornographic video and asked if he would like to have sex with her. Immediately, Pachiyammal tied Madhu’s hands and feet like the scenes in the obscene video to say yes.

They killed Madhu and put her in a septic tank, and then pretended to have sex with Madhu, strangled her neck and killed her by pressing her face with a pillow. Later, it was revealed that Madhu’s body was put in the septic tank of Lakshmanan’s house with the help of Pachiyammal and her mother Mariammal and her brother and covered.

Three people including Pachiyammal were arrested and the police arrested three people including Pachiyammal, Mariyammal and her brother Thangapandi who had planned and killed Madhu and produced them before Sengotta Criminal Justice Department Magistrate Sunil Raja and put them in jail.

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