Supreme Court Puts Abortion Order on Hold, Citing Fetus Viability

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The Supreme Court has temporarily suspended an order permitting the termination of a 26-week pregnancy, following a government submission indicating the fetus’s viability. The court, in response to a government request to reconsider the order, expressed a desire to hear from the woman before issuing a new order.

The court session is scheduled to resume at 2 pm.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court had approved the termination, but it expressed irritation at the last-minute AIIMS report, questioning why it hadn’t been presented earlier. Justice Hima Kohli, exasperated by the delay, emphasized that the court had no intention of stopping a fetus with a heartbeat.

On Tuesday, another Supreme Court bench had granted permission for the termination based on the woman’s claims of health issues, postnatal depression, and the challenges of raising a third child while already breastfeeding her second child.

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